New Directions

Last year, in 2017, I finished my Bachelor of Communication and Media degree after 3.5 years. So there has been a few questions as to why then I decided to enrol into a Masters of Public Health.  Having a degree in Communications and Media, majoring in Global Media is not just a shiny accolade that … Continue reading New Directions


There's a feeling I get when I start flicking through old family photos that have been stashed away in boxes that smell that distinct smell of camphor and age. Photographs faded, faces staring back unsmiling - I wonder if they are happy to have their photo taken? A flash of familiarity appears in the man … Continue reading Connected

The Water Challenge

For the month of March, will be participating in The Water Challenge. For 31 days I will give up my coffee, my cider, my gin and tonics (sorry nana) and my juice for just clean, cold water. I’m lucky because I can just do this, some people around the world cannot just have water out … Continue reading The Water Challenge

In Light of these Allegations…

*Content Warning* If you or someone else need to talk about issues brought up by this piece, please talk to someone. There are resources available.  1800Respect Call 1800 737 732 Reach Out I'm sick of these allegations. I'm sick of hearing claims of abuse and assault. I'm sick of it because it never seems to end. Women … Continue reading In Light of these Allegations…

A letter to myself: A reflection of the end of a degree and a certain class

Dear Past Maddy, This is Future Maddy. Don’t be alarmed. I hope you’re well, I know things have been a bit hard and the idea of uni is a bit difficult to focus on right now. You’ve just finished your second last semester of university. The end is in sight, it’s just one more semester, … Continue reading A letter to myself: A reflection of the end of a degree and a certain class

The Quandary of Life Online

In one of my university classes in the first year of my Communications and Media degree I was told to curate an online identity. To leave anything personal out and only create content that would be part of a portfolio, so when I began to look for jobs in my chosen career, I’d have a … Continue reading The Quandary of Life Online

Cultured Beats – An Autoethnography Podcast into Mongolian Hip Hop Culture Who am I in relation to my research? (Pitard, 2017) Cultural Beats was created under the attempt of wanting to share my experience of exploring Mongolian hip hop. The modern phenomenon that stemmed from the transnational flow of media and technology into a post-communist country is interesting to me, and the culture that has … Continue reading Cultured Beats – An Autoethnography Podcast into Mongolian Hip Hop Culture

The Value in Life

I was asked a big question the other day. I was asked about the values I hold and where have I utilised these values in a real world situation. And this should be easy, yes? What are my values? What do I use to direct my path in life? Do I use these professionally or … Continue reading The Value in Life

Alternative Ulaanbaatar

Digital Asia

As suggested by Ellis et al (2011) this blog post is written to analyse my personal experience to understand Mongolian hip hop. I have had my initial experience of listening and watching a couple of music videos on Youtube, but has this really given me a full understanding? No. Not at all.

To really understand in an ethnographic sense the cultural significance hip hop has in Mongolia I really have to do some research into certain parts of the practice. In this blog post I will be exploring hip hop as a cultural practice, the significance of music culture in Mongolia, traditional throat singing and where that fits in and how this all ties into the cultural act of hip hop in Mongolia. By the end of this hopefully I will have more of an understanding and reflect on the possible transformative epiphanies I hope to have with this experience…

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Mongolian Hiphop

Digital Asia

Whilst I have been approaching this subject with some trepidation in regards to research projects, I am actually quite keen to be doing this assignment. I was worried about what to do, how to approach this ethnographic research project considering I have not had much exposure to media outside of my own western media influence. I am a white, middle class suburban girl who hasn’t had much of an inclination to explore much of the asian cultures outside of food and maybe some things that are just by chance. My understanding of ‘Asia’ is that it is a vast and broad area of study. Many countries are included in Asia, and I wanted to choose one that maybe wasn’t an obvious choice. Mongolia came to mind immediately, although it was because of the Disney movie Mulan that I even thought of it.

Mongolia is more than a Disney movie, obviously…

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