#Hashtag #NoWay #ICantEven #ForRealsies

Apparently every time I try to think of something to research and blog about my brain goes “NO” and shuts down. How do I even uni…
j6zoyOne thing that makes me giggle about having to use memes though is the fact I was definitely one of those people who pronounced it “Me-Me’s”. That is until my much younger sister corrected me (Thanks for the quarter life crisis little sis). Next thing you know my 70-year-old grandmother will be out meme-ing me… Oh right, she is. I live with a mix of admiration and embarrassment in regards to my septuagenarian Facebook pro of a grandmother. She prides herself in her collection of ‘memes’ to use to comment on other peoples status’.

Keep updating Nan, you’re my social media hero.

2 thoughts on “#Hashtag #NoWay #ICantEven #ForRealsies

  1. I feel very similarly! I learn how to use social media off my own mother & she gets sassy when I don’t reply to people. Gen Y is made out by the older generations to be some kind of space age tech era, but I think a big handful of us must have completely missed the tutorial on how to do internet..


  2. It is interesting to see how times have changed as older generations have come to adapt to social media and “trends”. My mother has gone from not knowing how to send an email, to giggle at facebook stickers and attaching documents to her emails. You clearly don’t have to be a spring chicken to be tech savvy!


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