Putin us in our place…

Hey… You know what’s funny?

Russia. No, really. Russian politics and ideologies revolving freedom makes me laugh, and then cringe. A few weeks ago I blogged a post about copyright and freedom of expression. I want to just bring to attention what has happened in the last 24 hours in Russia and their repressive outlook on the world. In Russia, they have a government body named the ‘Roskomnadzor‘ who regulate the media and oversee telecom happenings. This body is renowned for its censoring and repression of freedom of speech in Russia, and have almost outdone themselves again.

So what have they done? A judge in Moscow has been told by the 3 year old governing body to reiterate to the Russian people that they do indeed have a law that makes memes… Illegal.  If good old Vlad decided one day to check out the internet usage of his people, he could indeed decide to sue, or block the person ‘defaming’ his image. Granted… If he was to find out that there are images of him riding a unicorn and a site literally called ‘putingaydressup.com‘ I can’t see the ex KGB officer and bear wrestling dictator letting someone off with just a slap on the wrist through blocking the source. More likely you would just never hear of the offender again…

download (1)
So illegal now! http://imgarcade.com/1/putin-on-a-unicorn/

Not only is this a plain old Russian technique of controlling their population, but it is clearly also a moral and ethical issue pertaining to freedom of speech, and creativity. This law came from a Russian singer (Link is in Russian, can be translated) being upset over his image being used in a wrong light, but then again, who hasn’t? It just seems like a situation that of course, the Soviet Union has taken upon itself to overreact and maintain its ridiculous amount of internet control.

2 thoughts on “Putin us in our place…

  1. It is completely ridiculous that Putin actually thinks that even though he is a very public figure he can prevent his image from being used in memes. Why not simply have a good laugh and shrug it off? A very good blog, I wonder what other wonderful restrictions the Russians will have forced upon them in the years to come.

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  2. This is a great and ‘quality evident’ post. I love that something we take for granted and think to little of such as someones freedom of speech and decisions of how we use and govern the internet, is to the Russians a huge deal. The legality of generating memes and the control of the Russian law on media is ridiculous.

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