We all fall down… like toy soldiers


I have never created an animation before in my life… So when I had to make an inanimate ‘thing’ come to life, I was stumped.  Luckily, there are processes and applications available now that will literally half the work load of ‘creation’ and ‘imagination’. I know, how irresistible is the idea of not putting as much effort in as you would have to without the help.

I made this short animated video on the application Vine, using a ghost function. I then uploaded it to youtube. Please forgive my shocking skill set. This is my take on material to digital transformations, and I feel with my use of two media platforms (Vine, and then Youtube) I have shown that there can be multiple processes of making something.

2 thoughts on “We all fall down… like toy soldiers

  1. Hi Maddy,
    I remember my first stop-motion in year 9, it’s surprisingly difficult, so you did really well for your first go! What exactly is this “ghost function”? I’ve never used Vine, so the term is unfamiliar. If it’s what the Viner Zach King uses to perform his video magic, then I’m sold!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChMJmnDZtUg < a link to a kids react to his videos.
    I think he take the concept of "physical to digital" to an extreme, doing things that are physically impossible using digital intervention, do you agree?

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    1. It really is not that easy! My first issue was trying to think of a small, short story I could record! A ghost function is something you can use on the application vine that will hold an image of your previous capture almost like a ‘ghost’ image so you can see where you may be recording over. It’s pretty neat!
      I do agree, that a really good link that you for that!


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