Globalise This!

Globalisation is a phenomenon gracing the world’s continents and countries one by one. Migration of cultures leaching their ways into other cultures have integrated countries and people into one world community. Globalisation can be defined by processes of integration and interaction of people, governments of different countries and nations, companies mainly driven by a need of international trade and supported by technological advancements and information[1]. Interdependence on other nations military and economic trading, interactivity and interconnectedness are characterisations of globalisation.[2]

Globalisation has had massive influences on western culture and the same can be said for the homogenisation or americanisation of Asian nations. Their are five dimensions to the flow of Global Cultural flows, all playing their part in producing an end result of a culturally diverse world. These are the Ethnoscapes, Mediascapes, Technoscapes, Financescapes and Ideoscapes. All five shift the equilibrium of the politics of global culture. Globalisation has many connotations linked to it, such as the negative being skewed with racially motivated issues, and the positive being the technological advancements that have surged the 21st century forward.

[7] Are we really an open world?
Some people seem to have mistaken globalisation for multiculturalism. Australia is a multicultural country, yet as our culture has reshaped itself for years, globalisation has taken the blame as one byproduct, being refugees, creates tension throughout Australia. There have been articles written about the links between globalisation and the incoming migrant crises through forced migration [3]. Somehow, as an educated young person though, you would think that as we are a country that has such a variety of cultures that make up our everyday life, we would be more tolerant towards those seeking asylum. Maybe someone has to remind our Prime Minister that those that seek our help and safety would be reminiscent of the Vietnam Asylum seekers during the Vietnam war that came to settle after the white australia policy was allowed in by our own Prime Minister Robert Menzies.[4] Yet in a modern world, with knowledge of the benefits other cultures, and the global movement of cultures regardless of visa status’, there are still some who refuse to take in those that need us the most and treat those with a heritage other than ‘white’ with less regard than others.

There are positive in globalisation, those being the advancements and interconnectedness through technology and the ‘virtual instantaneous exchange of information[2]. From mobile phones, satellites, cable tv, the internet and GPS these have all been made possible through the global configuration of technology, thus disregarding boundaries made by man[5]. Technical developments on a global scale is a social and political deal when in regards to globalisation[6], as it is a matter of politics controlling what information and intelligence is allowed into ‘their’ nations. This Global network can only run as well as those who do not seek to control, censor or remove information.

[2] O’Shaughnessy and Stadler, page458/Lecture material



[5] Lecture 2, Dr Sukhmani Khorana, Spring 2015, BCM111



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