I jumped off a bridge for Facebook likes


For this assignment I have decided to do my blog post on social media. I am curious about the effects it has on society, on culture and on ourselves. As we were given any subject based on media to research, I have chosen something I have been interested and curious about since social media became a ‘thing’ to the world. My proposed project is to be about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the way we act and portray our lives on these sites. So, my argument in this research proposal, is that people will inherently lie on social media sites but how often do people actually do this?

It can be assumed that people will sensationalise their lives on social media, how often is this an occurrence and why do they do it?

I have done some preliminary research into this topic, and discovered books, and articles based on the topic subject. These include sources such as the anxieties of social media versus reality [1], social media intimacy versus real life intimacy [2], what is a lie and how to explore humans and falsities [3] and a source that explores social media and lying straight up [4].

This research project is a way of understanding and exploring the terms ontology and epistemology. In this research project I am endeavouring to find out what is real (Ontology) and epistemology is in a sense how I am doing this, the ‘how’ of knowing such a question. How will I find out my answer to my question, this is a matter of what I intend on doing to find out my answers. This may change in the actual doing of my research project as the ins and outs of researching to me is still really limited. Hence why this subject will help me, but I will gloss over and hopefully then really learn how to research through my lectures and classes.

I feel like with my argument, that people will inherently lie on social media sites but how often do they actually do so, I will have to use both qualitative and quantitative research methods to find a solution to my question. Maybe I will lose marks due to the fact that I still do not quite understand research methods, and I am incredibly limited in my knowledge of research maths. But I feel like by doing research questionnaires, and endeavouring to collect data on how often do people lie on social media, and by trying to find a way of collecting real data on the truth then I could work out a way of portraying the necessary data.

My hypothesis to my research project proposal is that yes, people do lie and yes, people lie on social media. I think that my research will show that people also lie frequently on social media and the reasons will be wide and interesting. Will it be for popularity? Will it be for likes? Is it an ego thing?

References –

[1] Raimonde, Liv. “How Social Media Is Lying To You”. The Huffington Post. N.p., 2016. Web. 29 Mar. 2016.

[2] Baer, Jay. “Social Media, Pretend Friends, And The Lie Of False Intimacy”. Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. N.p., 2016. Web. 29 Mar. 2016.

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[4] Meyrowitz, Joshua. No Sense Of Place. 1st ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1985. Web. 29 Mar. 2016.

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