DIGC210 BLOG week 4 – Drones

Dr Chris Moore held a guest lecture in week 4 for DIGC210 and it pertained to the interesting topic of drones. Drone are pretty interesting, and I had bought my partner a drone for christmas so I’ve had a chance to check them out first hand. Drones aren’t just play toys, play planes or just things for kids to play with. Drones have massive political and social implications not just in the drone aviation area but security, freedom and privacy.

One thing that stood out in Dr Moore’s lecture was the idea of the drones narrative and the differing parts of its history and future. A drone, “A heavy object full of undiagnosed complications, a horror and a hope”. A drone which has a definitional narrative of what it is to be a drone – an aircraft, a computer and a robot. It has its invention narratives – what came before to produce the drones image and conceptual beginning. The drone has its historical narrative also but its most interesting to me is its contemporary narrative. The drone becoming a thing in modern society that could be a weapon or a blessing. What’s interesting is how the contemporary narrative of the misunderstood drone that could take our jobs or create an easier way of life ties in with the intentional narratives of the drone being an active part of life already and its possibilities of becoming more than that in the future.

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