DIGC210 BLOG week 5 – Youth

This week we discussed youth, mainly in the terms of the youth and relation of their activism in world issues. I find this interesting because it’s such a damning condemnation of this generation and its apparent lack of interest and activity in the world today. Media outlets continually damn our generation and show us in the worst light, that we don’t care for politics, or the world or whats happening outside our phones. Slacktivism is the term coined to our apparent ‘helping out’ in the world today, with reference to our apparent lack of active participation in life. As shown in the video of the Hamster Wheel that shows how almost laughable it is the way Generation Y is portrayed in the media. As if we don’t care for anything but ourselves.

It can be argued though, by this generation and by the reading “Beyond Apathetic or activist youth – ‘ordinary’ young people and contemporary forms of participation” It can be seen how wrong the portrayal is. We do contribute, we do participate in the world and we are interested in the government and politics. But we don’t do these things in traditional ways like previous generations have. It is seen that by participating in social issues over the internet is ‘slacktivism’ but in a way it is a really effective way of getting our voices out there. It is a problem that the government and main parts of society is run by older generations and that there is a marginalisation of young people and young peoples interests therefore we’re not even on the radar when we try to participate. At least, that is my view on this, and that is my experience.

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