#BlackLivesMatter – An Essay Proposal

In this proposal I am presenting the basis of my essay on an established dissent campaign, called simply #blacklivesmatter. This campaign is the attempted breakdown of the systematic oppression faced by people of colour in America. In this essay I will be exploring what the movement is, how it has been created and how it is a campaign of dissent. This campaign is a perfect example of a movement of dissent in the world, capturing a rise of those who are oppressed and are victims of systematic racial violence and for their voices to be heard.

The twitter tag #blacklivesmatter has become a slogan for peace and change and has become a banner for those whole support the cause to rally under, online and offline. This movement is important and historic, as it has used the death of a young boy Trayvon Martin, gunned down by a white man who was then acquitted of his murder, as a catalyst for social change. Following the success of the hashtag, it has been utilised in the following cases of violence spurned by race with Michael Brown, and Eric Garner. These three cases have become lead events that have spurned this movement forward. Events like the Ferguson riots have also been a part of this movement, an attempt at peaceful protest turned ugly by media and violence – but who caused the violence? These will be discussed in my final essay.

The reason why this is a movement of dissent is because it is a movement of change, of transforming the mentality of the world specifically America and its views of the black majority that have had a history of marginalisation, oppression and violence. The hashtag is a symbolic representation of the attempt to change a history of oppression and wrongful portrayal of the black community in America. It is an attempt to show through social media a perseverance to bring awareness to the lives lost and how are then perceived by media, politicians and society. A main component of #blacklivesmatter is the evidence of racial discrimination and violent acts committed by law enforcement towards black men, women and children.

In this proposal I will be utilizing academic papers and journals researched from the University of Wollongong Australia library and also articles from the Internet, with an aim at using those with reliable and unbiased views. There are many resources to use and I will be researching those that have both been peer reviewed, academically sourced and those that have been written without a motive.

Although I will find it difficult to refrain from taking a side in this essay it is easy to see why it has been so overwhelming in support and critique.



References –


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