Why First World Countries Don’t Exist

The terms first world, second world and third world countries spring to mind the differences of what makes a country a developed country. In this sense then it is assumed that third world countries are not developed, have no structure, struggle financially and economically have poor health and welfare, no education and low life expectancy. Those are just examples of how a third world county could be described with no actual factual evidence of a specific country that would suit those parameters of a definition. The same could be said of a first world country definition. Would a first world country then be described as a developed, well structured, healthy education and health system, economically sound and in a position of power and authority?

The truth is, there is no definite ‘first world’ or ‘third world’ country, they are just terms created after world war two and was used to divide the countries of the world into geopolitical regions. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross National Product (GNP) and literacy rates as well as economic stability have all been factors that can define what a country could be labelled as. The three world model of all the countries is now outdated.

The outdated three world maps 

It can be argued then that there are no definitive ways to rate our world countries and honestly in my opinion it is unreasonable and politically insensitive to label countries as third world. There have been instances of Australia even being accused of ‘third world’ conditions in its hospitals here and our own housing department accused of third world allegations here . This is where it gets complicated, because if a ‘first world’ nation such as Australia could be accused of third world conditions it leaves it’s population in sometimes then really what is the point of the definition system?

Classifying a country as a developing country is sound, but I think on terms of a world class system such as the three world model, it is right to be outdated as it is. The world is now gripped in a frenzy of globalisation and this helps create less boundaries for classification systems.

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