Space Balls

Space. The final frontier. The beam me up Scotty. The Luke I am your father. The images of stars and moons and black holes and cyborgs coming for your entire family and so long and thanks for all the fish.

But space isn’t just the sci-fi films, or the sexy scientists (here’s looking at you Brian Cox) that revel in the lightyears and the physics of that big black nothing up there. Space is us. It is neither fixed nor material, nor constrained by time. Space is the “simultaneity of stories-so-far” (Massey, 2005). And today I’m going to talk about the space that we are absolved in, that we are active yet unassuming participants in – the media space. I’ll leave a blog post for the other space another time (now I am left to sing the star wars theme song in my head for the remainder of the day, thanks brain).

The media space that I am talking about in this blog post is my own. The way I contribute and the way I consume media in my life, in 2016. There is not a single morning I don’t wake up, turn off my alarm on my phone and then snuggle back in to the warmth of denial. But alas, my phone rings again (it’s funny how your favourite song of the week as your alarm quickly becomes your most hated sound in the world at that moment) and I have to start my day. Facebook, Instagram, my gmail and if it’s a uni morning, a quick look to see whether I’ve been given the day off for some reason or another. My daily media routine is continued as I delve into Facebook posts about cats and bunnies and go over my data limit on the rare occasions I’m not in the wifi at work, home and uni. This is the media space I am in, the one that I have allowed to make my life easier and to surround my life with. It is both a central part of connecting with the world and the constant part of being connected.

Being a communications student, I have to be connected and aware of my own media space, so as I finish this blog post written on a laptop thinner than my phone, connected to the NBN wifi whilst listening to my spotify playlist on the surround sound that is connected through my apple wifi… I am the active space participant of today. Now excuse me while I go watch Star Trek, all this space talk makes me need a little Spock in my life.


Massey, D. (2005). For space. London: SAGE.

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