TV Time With Tom

This week I have interviewed someone dear to me, my partner Tom. He is 25 this year and I have decided to use his memory and his life as my tv memory week interview. I want to see how even just a few years, his and my own experiences differed, and also whether or not being female or male can change our allowances as children with what we watched. At the end of the interview I will review and explain the similarities and differences between our young tv lives. Tom gives his full consent for his name and story to be on this public blog.

Myself – Where did you live as a child? Who lived in the home with you?

“I lived in the Blue Mountains in a town called Blackheath with my mum, my dad and my dog Angus.”

What do you remember about the television in your house?

“It was huge, it was one of the old looking, deep box type ones with legs and dials. With the VCR under it and was a colour tv too.”

What kind of room was it in? Was it formal or relaxed? What was around or on the television?

“The back loungeroom, near the bar and next to the fireplace. It was mostly relaxed in that room. As before, the VCR player was under it and my mum and dad’s ornaments were spread around the room near it”

Was there more than one television in the house?

“Yes there were two. Well, we mostly watched tv in the front room, which was a relaxed atmosphere. We would use both rooms, but the front room was the one we would use the most”

What memories do you have of watching television? Where did you sit? Who did you sit with? watching tv with family, who did you sit with?

“Well as a kid I would eat two minute noodles everyday, and watch the monster show I can’t remember honestly what it’s name was. That and The Simpson’s. I would sit on the floor in front of the tv. I would sit between the tv and coffee table actually. Mostly myself, and usually if when with parents, I’d sit by myself too.”

Are there any moments watching television that you remember particularly?

“Yes, I  was watching The Simpson’s one night and my dad yelled “Icecream!”, so I got up and ran out not realising my dog was sitting in between the door. I tripped on him, scaring him so much I fell and he bit my lip. So a sore lip and a needle in my bum later for tetanus, it has stuck in my head as a tv related memory.”

Were there any restrictions watching tv by your mum and dad? Were you allowed to watch it by yourself?

” I didn’t watch much tv by myself. If mum and dad were home watching tv I’d just have to deal with it. If I was at home I’d mainly be outside playing in the bush or riding my bike. If I was watching tv, on the odd occasion it’d be cartoons. The one thing I was not allowed to watch was Southpark.


Our tv memories are not so different. I myself had one tv but it was in a relaxed environment, and I would really only watch tv if it was cartoons or what my parents would watch before I went to bed. Sometimes you will hear about how some kids had really strict parents with tv, but Tom and I had gotten lucky, also being the type of kids who would rather be outside than watching the tv helped too.

Tom was mostly engaged in talking about the memory he related with his dog while watching tv, and whether or not he had restrictions of tv time. I find that these would probably be related to his preference for his outdoor and activity time, and his love for family over tv.

Tv has changed over the years, and how we use the television has changed also. As adults, tv has remained the background noise for Tom and I, but I can acknowledge how different that is for some others.

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