Please Stop Talking About The Bachelor

As this week we are meant to discuss the internet in the interviewee’s home from week 3 – I am in a bit of pickle considering I live here too! But I can use some insights that Tom and I have experienced from moving into our own home with internet access and how that has changed the television consumption and space in our lives.

As discussed in last weeks interview, tv has become something of a background noise. In our house tv is used for binge watching tv shows, or listening to music, or to play xbox games (when dinner is supposed to be made). Since we moved into our house, which is already hooked up with the NBN, we have changed how we consumed our television and our general internet use altogether.

Our tv is based on Netflix and Stan. No ads, no day time television. I have to admit I am a bit of a snob when it comes to tv shows, and what I watch. I just cannot bring myself to watch The Bachelor, or even to an extent listen to commercial radio. My main television consumption revolves around shows and movies I can watch or stream without commercial television telling me to watch it, and without the mind numbing adverts I used to mute everytime. So in my house it is rare for us not to use the television purely as a platform to do other things. Our laptops connect to the tv screen so as to use that as our 60″ computer screen. We have hooked up our house with speakers and the wifi so that our internet is our main music source.

Access to the internet is important to us. It is not only a source of entertainment, but also a source of news and communication. Our media space and our media practices in our home have changed around our changing technology and that is ok with us.


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