Popcorn Makes Me Thirsty and Other Cinema Woes

When I go the movies I not only go because I have nothing better to do, but it’s also one of those times where I actually am willing to pay for a movie that is coming out (PLease don’t arrest me internet police). The actual movie experience is not something I attend for. I hate the seats. I hate the fact I can’t pause the movie to pee because I just drank a litre of frozen coke in the first 20 minutes because the popcorn I just ate makes me thirsty. I hate that I can’t cuddle up properly to my significant other when the movie has scary bits, and I hate that I can’t throw things at the person in front of me when they talk too loudly. Altogether, the only redeeming factor about the movies is it’s an easy date night and I get to watch movies on big screens.

Popcorn is actually evil… photo CC

To think back to the last time I went to the movies, it is like a farce on Hagerstrand’s Time Geography theory. Because it was a joke. Ha ha.

But really, this is how it went. We booked online to a unmentioned movie (I don’t even want to speak the movies name it was that bad… Harley Quinn is an abused girlfriend can we stop romanticising her relationship with the joker cough cough [Levine, 2014]) for a Friday night session with EIGHT people. Ok that to start with in regards to the limitations we were about to face – capability, coupling and authority – is enough to make me never want to leave my house for entertainment again. So on the Friday night, three cars later and enough popcorn bought to drown a person in salt, we sat down in the theatre to watch the movie. Only to have four people tell us we were in their seats. Long story short, to avoid explaining the rudeness of one woman and the anxiety of being in the wrong, we had actually mistakenly wrongly booked the movie time. My parter and I insist to this day that we had not changed the date of the movie but just the time when we booked originally. But alas, instead of having the 7:15pm on a Friday session written on our ticket, we had theSunday at 7:15pm. So to throw that spanner in the works in relation to good old Hagerstrand – we had to totally rearrange our lives again and our space-time geography would have to alter for another day.

So yes, this was the story of my woeful cinema experience. My input into how this could be useful for someone reading this int he cinema industry would be – DON’T LET COMPUTERS TAKE HUMAN’S JOBS. All my anxiety and borderline tears could have been avoided if I hadn’t had to just scan my tickets bought online and had an operator tell me at the very beginning we were on the wrong day. So yeah… Maddy is against robots. At least when it clashes with date night.


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Levine, J. (2014). Nothing romantic about Harley Quinn & Joker. [online] Arousing Grammar. Available at: https://arousinggrammar.com/2014/01/17/nothing-romantic-about-harley-quinn-joker/ [Accessed 6 Sep. 2016].


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