A Proposal for the Ages

digital-storytelling-tools-and-apps-1-638What do you want to know more about? Who will your collaborators be? What kinds of digital platforms might help you explore and present what you find?


Such big questions for someone who really doesn’t quite know what she wants or can do for this university assignment. When I was reading the required reading for this week (Couldry, 2015) I had a flash of inspiration for my local Scout group actually. Out of all things this week could have encouraged me to think of… it was for something totally unrelated. See, Kiama Scout group is celebrating their 90th year this December, and my Pop is a leader in the group, organising people to come in and be involved, old and new.
As I read about digital storytelling circles and a ‘living archive’, I couldn’t help but think that this idea of mentoring and creating a project that was in the digital era would be perfect for that occasion. But as the idea has grown momentum within the leaders of the scout group, they’re looking to me for help, and inspiration almost.
So, if I could be more sure about how to do it properly, and maybe if this could lean towards this end assignment for Media, Audience and Place – I could use this as my Digital Project.

What Do You Want To Know More About?

This would be a project that has no final goal, or end. It’d be a project about history, and about people and place. I would create this digital story to learn more about where the many hundreds of people that have crossed the hall Kiama Scouts have come from and gone. To allow a digital means for history to be kept from dust and disaster like some history can be lost. Allowing young kids involved in Scouts, Cubs and Venturers to create a self sustaining storytelling circle that continues once the original project has started.

Who Will Your Collaborators Be?

Naturally the collaborators of project that involves a group of people would mean that the leaders of that group would be involved heavily. Past and present people who are and were once involved in the group would be asked to be involved, not necessarily having them as collaborators though in my actual project.

What Kinds Of Digital Platforms Might Help You Explore And Present What You Find?

What I would love to do for the scouts through this is to utilise the things they have. Such as smart phones to record voice and film,  video cameras and even drones. Then finally, when stories are collected, they could be collated into a film, slideshow and presented on the night of the 90th celebration. Short videos prompted by QR codes could be scattered around work created by the kids and adults involved which show videos on YouTube or the local Scout website.

QR codes are useful for sharing information

Again, I am really not sure whether this is even a viable option for this assignment,  I struggle without instructions. But I would love to hear any feedback or ideas on what I could do to change it, improve on it or do instead.


Couldry, Nick, MacDonald, Richard, Stephansen, Hilde, Clark, Wilma, Dickens, Luke and Fotopoulou, Aristea (2015) Constructing a digital storycircle: digital infrastructure and mutual recognition. International Journal of C


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