Reflecting On Nine Weeks of Blog Posts

My feedback for the first project was as such,

“You write well – very enjoyable – but you need to engage with the ideas and use research – secondary sources or primary research – think about what would make your blog valuable, enough that people would want to cite it and pass it on. Good use of some WordPress features, do add links and images or other media content.”


My Aims 

Since my last blog submission for this subject Media, Audience and Place I have tried to use what criticism Nicola Evans gave me about my blog and my posts. I agreed also, I do need to engage with the ideas and research a bit more. I myself am very opinionated as people have told me before. Thus it is hard to write about things without purely speaking from my heart before thinking about what I am writing about. Which I understand is a problem considering in University you kind of have to use your brain. Oops.

So this time I tried to go into a bit more depth into how I wrote and what I was writing. Actually researching a bit further into my references for that final bit of information I could use, or using images that support what I’m writing about.

I have also tried to use hashtags a bit more, as I didn’t really take notice of them. I don’t hashtag on social media, it takes a bit to get used to something you don’t normally do .

I totally revamped my blog also, re-writing my ‘about me’ section, renaming my subjects to their names not their codes, and also tidying up the general appearance of the blog as a whole.

Results Thus Far 

Ok so here is where I’m stuck. I don’t really have traffic coming to my pages, even when I send out tweets or add a blog post. Hashtagging my blogs might bring me more points for but nothing is really happening to engage readership. I had been using the #bcm240 hashtag but I find that most people are doing what I am doing – trying to get people involved and then life gets in the way of helping out them too. So that is my own fault here, I do not engage in others blogs as much as I should at this point, and it will be something now that I try and rectify.

But I have found by allowing family and my partner to read what I have written, I am getting more of a positive reaction. Whether this is because I’m adding more to engage the attention (such as images and hyperlinks) but I’m also trying to get more solid information out there.

My problem also is I lack confidence. I lack confidence in what I do, in my own thoughts and in my own ability to research and write. Which is why I can have drafts sitting in my blog posts draft folder for weeks and weeks before something happens because – I don’t think they’re even remotely ok. But this, again, is something I have come to realise with my blog and that I am attempting to fix.

I want people to think my blog is valuable, and if I can gather more interest with more blog posts that aren’t about uni subjects, or even add more blogs that go further into what’s been asked of me, then maybe one day my ideas and opinions and reflections could actually be something of use. How does one become a writer that other people cite? When do my thoughts become valuable to anyone?


I am really starting to enjoy blogging. Maybe I’m too casual with how I write, but I do enjoy it.  As I said above – a lack of confidence has really stunted the possible improvement that could occur week by week. But what Nicola had said about how my blog needs to aim to be something of value, that people can rely on, cite, pass it on and enjoy has really resonated lately. Due to time constraints with uni, work, family problems, grief and car problems (Picton Road took my car for a week – yes feel sorry for me!)

My blog design is something I am proud of, and maybe that was the first step I needed in getting that push to do more. I have linked twitter, and I have links throughout my blog to my other blog posts I have written also. I have not tried to link other students blogs yet – honestly I didn’t even know that was a thing until mapHUB linked my own blog post about my cinema experience. 

Researching is also becoming easier for me whereas before I really struggled. I don’t even realise why, because I love learning. But having had a crash course in the UOW uni library and its online resources, I am working out how to research what I specifically need much easier, meaning I no longer give up and go to Google if I cannot find what I need to back my claims and ideas up.

I really should utilise the time I will have after my work weeks are over, to exploring other people’s blogs more, and seeing what works for them for inspiration. This way I can learn tricks about WordPress also, like how someone in class had helped me change around how my blogs were previewed. The little things like that make it an easier experience for the readers to read, and for me to write for. I hope with the future feedback from tutors and students I can grow from this and go up from here.



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