The Curious Case of the Cat and the Teapot at Night

Curiosity killed the… Well I would say cat but to be honest, my bunny has had more near misses with curiosity than my cat has. Curiosity is a curious thing; it drives the way we live, how we learn and who we are. Curiosity can appear in everyday life whether it be the endless scrolling through someones Instagram, the extent we go to find out an answer to a question or the collection of teapots in someones hallway. Really, curiosity is such an important part of our lives and especially as a student, curiosity is invaluable.

So last year I started a course about research practices and try as I might, I failed. I struggled with the course, the subject matter and the assessments. I wasn’t curious, I wasn’t eager and I wasn’t getting it. As I sat in my first lecture again for this course I realised something as I listened again about the ‘Kunstkammer’ or the Cabinet of Curiosities that I hadn’t last year. I could do this. I get it now. To really get what I had to do this year, I need to research something I am curious to know more about. Take for example, the cabinet of curiosity. I myself have one, it contains 30 assorted teapots, teacups, figurines and even a worry stone. It is my cabinet that I know and have a story for each and every artefact. It is for show, my pride and something I am curious and intrigued by. I had done my research on the old types, and was more eager to know more purely because I was fascinated.

I probably sound like an old fuddy-duddy with my teapots and cabinet. And I sure think my cat probably doesn’t think too much of it as he sits watching the black cat teapots wondering why I would trap them behind glass. But to me this sums up in a way how research can be enhanced by the insatiable curiosity of a 22 year old.
Musing here, but I feel like curiosity is a tool that enables a student to go further, seek higher ground and find what they are looking for and more. And knowing what I have ahead of me in regards to assignments and research questions… I feel like I can approach it in the right way now. I just need to be that person who finds that certain idea, catch that glimmer of thought and go with it further. Think small. Think tiny enough that the big picture doesn’t scare me.

Curious and curiouser


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