Home and Away and Home Again

My apologies if I get a bit too personal here, but let me just begin this proposal with a bit of a backstory.

I was in a totally different point in my life when I moved out of home at 20. I was with someone I thought I loved, I had a job I thought was ok, I wasn’t at uni anymore and I had my own car. I wasn’t able to be at home anymore, so even if I had wanted to stay home with my parents, it wasn’t an option. My parents were supportive and still to this day it was a good decision – besides the stress and the uncertainty that came with renting as a young tenant.

I was able to be social outside of work which fluctuated between day shifts, night shifts and split shifts. My friends were mainly hospitality workers who were in similar position as me, and I felt I had a balance of sorts between life and work.

I, of course, threw all of that into a spin when I broke up with my ex, moved out of where I was and started uni again. Suddenly I was in a position where I had to support myself but work less hours and days, still manage to stay sane and see friends and family, and study full time university. It got me thinking about how I would be doing it all differently if I had still been at home, without the stress of living independently. Thus the question for my research proposal was born.

Balance is key 

“Does the work/study/life balance differ between uni students living at home or those who have moved out?”

This is something that I am curious about and I feel can be worthwhile exploring this study for future students, young people and even for universities. I have done some basic research on the topic with interesting points I want to explore. Studies have been done previously on the amount of university students living below the poverty line, the impact of living situations of students, interactiveness of students with the studies while living on campus compared to at home, and also the impact that student debt and living costs have on a student’s living arrangements.  Some of these studies are quite old and based in America and I recognise this doesn’t enable them to be totally relevant but it has given me a few starting points to base this study on. My research will be conducted through secondary and primary research methods.

I plan on creating a qualitative survey and ask university students of all backgrounds and years their experiences. I want to try and get an even spread of who lives at home, out of home and on campus. I will also attempt the conduct interviews to get further insight into different university experiences based on the participants living arrangements.

Hopefully through these approaches I will discover evidence and experiences that support my research and allow me to come to a conclusion.

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