Balancing Act


“Does the work/study/life balance differ between university students living at home or those who have moved out?”

So here comes the balancing act. I must balance my own two jobs, my university study and attendance, my own social life and my own sleeping pattern. It can be a bit much at times, but I will get there.

So, what has been happening with my research project? Well, the bones of it have come together. The second task to create the design management was so helpful, as I was so worried about how to start. But now, I finally have a survey almost completed and ready for upload. I have my focus questions drafted up and I have a direction of how I will ask for participants of my study to join in.

This task is hard, because I’m holding myself back because I convince myself I don’t know what I’m doing. And I probably don’t… But then comes the rare moment where I say stuff it, and I get it done.

This research project is something I want to finish. I feel like there needs to be more support and acknowledgement of the trials students go through trying to manage everything and expectations of their own balancing abilities. Independence is another major thing I want to explore throughout this research, as to be independent totally and try to complete studies and work and still have a life outside of those institutes is a feat. I hope to touch on Government financial help for both living at home and those who aren’t, the stresses faced by the those out of home and who aren’t, and the balance those of both situations I explore can manage.
I am doing this project because of my own interest but also because I feel it could contribute to more awareness of student’s life and work situations outside of university.

And maybe, just maybe, I will convince myself I can balance it all.



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