The Water Challenge

For the month of March, will be participating in The Water Challenge. For 31 days I will give up my coffee, my cider, my gin and tonics (sorry nana) and my juice for just clean, cold water. I’m lucky because I can just do this, some people around the world cannot just have water out of a tap or readily available. 1 in 9 people worldwide do not have clean water close to home. Having access to clean water means less people will die from diarrhoeal diseases, less kids will miss out on school, and less women and girls will need to make long, dangerous journeys to collect water. When I went to Ecuador in 2016 I saw first hand the necessity for safe drinking water, sanitation, plumbing and education.

Last year alone, WaterAid helped 1.5 million people access clean water through our direct work in communities around the world, and even more through their advocacy and policy work.
I want to help out by doing my bit and raising money so they can continue doing amazing work for those who need it.

To donate or learn more, please click through the link.
Thanks! Maddy x



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