My name is Maddy. I am in my final year of my Bachelor of Communications and Media, majoring in Global Media. I am yet undecided as to what to do with my life in terms of a professional career so for now I am focusing on finishing my degree with an open mind and heart.  This blog is mainly used for University work, but sometimes I will write something a bit more personal and  about topics that interest me.

I am a feminist, an atheist and I am very strongly family orientated. I am a sympathy crier and an animal lover. I am outwardly opinionated with my political leanings and I will fight for social justice in my life and others. I feel all these different facets of myself and my beliefs come out in how I write.

I love gardens, my nana, pop culture, the colour purple and animals all shapes and sizes (but I am deeply arachnophobic). I have a cat named Oli, a bunny named Jelly, 18 fish, one boyfriend and the ability to fall asleep on the lounge in 2 minutes. I also collect teapots.


– Maddy


Picture by Maddy Cook 



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